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Advice From The Master... You Fellas Know Who It Is.***

Getting It Right

Many girls enjoy long periods of foreplay; this is a two way street both the male and female partner can gain stimulation. But lets be good enough at giving that we get invited back in again and again and again.


After you nailed her with that and shes more friskier than a fox, try to finish her off, not only is it good for her and youre making a good (first) impression, and u know that first impressions last.

The Word On The Female Street

Be confident in bed. Someone who acts like he knows what hes doing is much more attractive that someone whos fumbling around and being nervous and shy. Once youre in, you know where its going to lead so stop worrying. Mary


Dont always keep in the bedroom. Spice it up by making her feel wanted anytime, anywhere. Liz


The morning is the best time for sex because Im half awake and relaxed, the feeling is really sensual. Becky


Dont ask if you can wear my undies! Carolyn


*Text excerpted from Kama Sutra Travel Edition.

***In case you don't know, I'm talking about Sherman.