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Chemistry Jargon
The LSTN Diary 2002
That Candid Camera
M.I.L.F. Monthly Online
The Big O.E.
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School Related:

Liston College Online - Info, Facts and Jargon about the school in West Auckland.

General Entertainment:

Entertainment Weekly Online - The best way to go for entertainment related stuff. From "Survivor" to "Friends"

Movie Related:

The Ultimate Pulp Fiction Site - It's an okay site for a 'Pulp Fiction' fan. This is where I got some pictures from (see, I acknowledged it).

Music Related:

UKMIX - Forums, charts and reviews on popular music. Highly recommended.


L'Avenir : Baguio City National High School Science Online Yearbook. Choice!

L'Avenir Online - Rexcel Cariaga's City High Science Batch 2001 website. Check this one out! leave a message at the Forums! Come on!

Project X - Nex Benas' own, very personal website. He's a part of City High Science Batch 2001.

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