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Fantastic music CDs and DVDs you must stay home for (yeah, yeah. it's sarcastic).

David Gray

White Ladder (CD)


This Bloke has long been one of the hidden treasures of the music industry. Already having five other albums under his belt (unsuccessful at that), it was time for him to show off his flair in music making. White Ladder is a stunning and sophisticated compilation of the best music writing I have heard or seen since... well... never. This album is flawless in generating an atmosphere of pure somberness. Tracks like 'my oh my', 'nightblindness', and 'this years love' has been, in my opinion, great in producing a set of diverse emotions which would truly entice the listener to play it again and again. I am genuinely amazed on how this artist was able to put in enough emotion and sincere ness to his songs, which, I think, will literally put you in a deep spell of nostalgia and drama.

Greg Johnson

The Best Yet (CD)


Electric, Original, and Quixotic --- Three words that best describe this latest offering form our very own kiwi legend. Titled as The Best Yet, it features seventeen tracks of Greg Johnson's best songs in his career since the 80's. Since that time, he had generated his very own signature and identity, which, varied dramatically from album to album. On the contrary, his bittersweet sentiment never did tarnish through the years; it actually had progressed musically and lyrically. He has definitely poured himself out into his music, something apparent in all of his tracks. Furthermore, tracks such as 'liberty', 'hangover from hell' and 'you stay out of your life' feature one distinct quality, the ability to mesmerize its listeners and taking them away from it all... a real relax catalyst. With this kind of music, I'm really pleased that this is his best yet.

All Saints

The Videos (DVD)


The split was inevitable. And beyond all of that stubborn and lax quality the band members, All Saints had definitely made their own mark in the music industry. Leaving us with this twelve track DVD, I can definitely say that they have matured (but not enough to stick together) and evolved through their short history as a promising pop/r'n'b foursome. The only drawback of this purchase is the deliberate lack of special features and other raunchy or dodgy clips, which are relatively available in some other music DVDs. Because of this, I am quite certain that the utter simplicity of this video can only correspond to one thing... pathetic music industry bosses trying to gang up on the band's pathetic (yes, even i consider myself that) fans. Don't get me started.

Overall, its quite a good material. But not good enough to convince a non-fan that these girls *were* brilliant.

Robbie Williams

Live At The Albert (DVD)


And fans thought that they new him, until he made this twist in his carrer... to sing Sinatra covers. This live concert at the Albert Hall has been one of the most intimate and probably the one with the most granduiloquence concert i had ever seen (maybe except for pavarotti and the like, but that doesn't count). Everything was perfect. The stage, the orchestra, the singer, the dancers and the audience... everything. Mr. Williams had definitely made apparent to everyone that he is more fexible, more 'decent' and more for-all-ages kinda guy. I have to admit, he did great on that 'My Way' (a Sinatra cover) song. The only possible disappointment that I can think of is on how the producers weren't able to get Nicole Kidman to a duet. If she were there, it would have been a much better and a much more controversial one-night-only concert.

And for the record: This copy isn't mine. It's my mum and dad's. Go figure.

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