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A Foreword

By Jack Phattraprayoon


ellO people

Welcome back to another exciting yearly review. This time last year almost all of us were stressing about bursary some aim high 400 some aim low 3 x Cs meanwhile some of us was too retarded to realise that the wall is stronger and their fist by now we are all at tertiary institute and studying for that degree. New institute means new image on this site look out for. look out for "phillips new image" how hes gone from jesus to stud. other transformation Also include bryans phillipino gang, phillips popularity with the girls, reynalds new home Auckland uni rec center and more. However somethings dont change jack still lonely and yet longing for a girl no slight improvement, erics exploding brain hair hasnt changed a single bit. however enjoy yourself while ur on the site and well have more update in the travel section with reynald and sam taking u thru the slum in philly and Singapore, and jack on his japan(ese girls) expedition drop by have a read and enjoy ur holidays do check in after the new years for more update but for now play safe and use protection.