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Interesting M.I.L.F. Experiences From The Correspondents.

Rumba! Rumpus
Correspondent: Jamie Pule

Rumba at Western Springs was the meanest place to see Milfs. This time it was every 2nd or 3rd person you saw. The stars themselves were F-I-N-E, Fine. (the female ones). The day started off great with 20, 30 Milfs coming past my window and the rumba crew girls nasty as well.


The Milf rumba artists were Sophie Monk, Natalie Imbruglia, Toya, Klee and Pink. These artists had made a major impact in the song world and they shined bright when they sang their songs. The most nastiest artist would have to have been Sophie Monk. Man she was nasty to the days. She wore the most lowest cut hot pants youd ever seen and her shirt was cut so sweet that the cleavage that was showing was perfect.


I was fortunate again to have my picture taken with rumba and NZ artist Klee. She was an all right kind of milf and the crowd thought so too. It was very unfortunate that Pink did not come out & perform. She came out & told the crowd that her throat was not great & she went out the back and signed heaps of autographs at the autograph stage.


Overall, Rumba had the most Nastiest Milfs that Auckland had to offer & they did not disappoint the crowd.


All in all, I would say that Surfers Paradise for me is Milf Heaven.


Fiji's Finest
Correspondent: Craig Render

Early this year I had the privilege of visiting the babe heaven of the world FIJI, over the ten days I was there, I meet more American hotties than you can poke a stick at. My favorite Alex, all you guys know who she is.


Activities included: Diving (not that sort boys) scuba with a hot 25 year old Brazilian, nice tanned body and perfect curves, goddamn!!!!


Well, if any of you boys have a spare grand, spend it wisely. Buy a ticket to Fiji... the best investment that you will ever make.



Surfer's Paradise: MILF Heaven
Correspondent: Jamie Pule

When I recently visited Surfers Paradise, one word was all that was needed to describe it MILF!!!!!!! I mean it was just about every 3rd or 4th person who you saw was a milf. I myself went to Movie world & dream world and I think youll agree with the photos when I say Milf.


The majority of the girls over there are your typical suntanned, blond haired surf bunnies as shown in the movie world photo (Madonna). But once in awhile, you get the odd brunette or red haired milf but if your ideal milf is one that looks like Nicky Watson, Cameron Diaz, Pamela Anderson or Jill Kelly then surfers paradise is the place for you.


I was also fortunate enough to see the miss Hawaiian tropic swimsuit competition and boy oh boy, the girls there were the nastiest Id ever seen. I mean these girls are the crème de la crème, the cream the crop, the cats meow, the best of the best. I must say that Australians sure do know how to have a good time and being at this competition, I thought I was in heaven.


All in all, I would say that Surfers Paradise for me is Milf Heaven.