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Discretion: Only use these lines with the right timing. Misuse can lead to possible facial and physical abuse. Practice is encouraged.

--> "So, your brazilain, are you?"
--> "How you doin'?"
--> "You. Me. Yeah!"
--> "Let's get home and get out of these wet clothes."
--> "Bros before hoes."
--> "That dress would look good in a crumpled heap next to my bed."
--> "If I told you 'you have a beatiful body', would you hold it against me?"
--> "You don't know me. I don't know you. let's hook up!"
--> "Treat I'm mean. Keep it keen."
--> "Yeah... I'm a personal trainer."
--> "Hey, I bet your ankles look great as earings."
--> "Is your father a theif because he stole the stars from the sky and put them in your eyes."
--> "Did it hurt... Falling from heaven?"
--> "I don't usually use pick up lines but... just write your home number at the back of the reciet."
--> "I'm in the vicinity. Your in the vicinity. I'm here. Your here. Let's hook up."
--> "I'd like to meet your mother." 
--> "I bet they broke the mold when you were made."
--> "Your not by any chance a twin are you?"
--> "Come in. Sit down. Take your bra off if you like."
--> "Make yourself comfortable... really."
--> "Why don't we take off out clothes ang get freaky!"
--> "It's kind of hot. Do you want me to take off your clothes?"
--> "Just say the word and I'm yours."
--> "I'm petty in your hands."
--> "Do I know you? ... Oh, it must have been a dream."
--> "How are the twins?"
--> "Who's up for a game of twister?"
--> "Your not a vegetarian, are you?"
--> "I'm a man and I have needs."
--> "Well. Your a healthy girl aren't you?"
--> "Please stay behind the screen and take all your clothes off."
--> "You show me yours, I'll show you mine."
--> "I can't fight it any longer, let's do this."
--> "I noticed your big, round.... ahh... blue eyes when you entered the room."
--> "Are they real?"
--> "It should be a crime to be that hot!"
--> "Hi, I'm Ken Tuckey. Can I fill you in?"
--> "I'm a deep diver. Fully Trained."
--> "Nurse, I'm ready for my sponge bath."
--> "Your so sexy you could make a blind man see again."
--> "Straight up, damn your hot!"
--> "I lost my phone number. Can I have yours?"
--> "Do you believe in love at first sight? or do you want me to walk into the room again?"
--> "I was planning on kissing you tonight. But your just so beautiful, I'll just kiss you now."
--> "I lost my teddy bear. Can I sleep with you? Can I crash at your place?"
--> "I bet I can kiss you without touching you ... (kiss her) ... (pull out a dollar) ... I guess I lost."

--> When choosing a line, remember this: "different strokes for different folks".
--> I am not accountable for any facial and physical abuse initiated by these lines.